Who we are 

Sydney Bio Packaging is a leading national distributor of biodegradable packaging supplier providing an eco friendly alternative to polystyrene and other non-biodegradable food packaging in Australia at a competitive price.

We desire to make your products with whole recyclable, no plastic and no pollution to the environment. Our goal is to provide consumers with high level, brand enhanced environmentally friendly sustainable packaging solutions.


All our products are a truly green alternative to plastic, Styrofoam, and recycled packaging. As the organisation, we demonstrate greater concern and responsibility for the environment keeping mind of consumers demand for safer and natural products.


Because they are made entirely made from renewable resources, our products are biodegradable and meet FDA standards for compostability. These are the zero –waste alternative to the plastic overwhelming our landfills. Biopak products are the natural choice for a sustainable future.


The Switch from your current packaging to our eco-friendly range will be seamless. Nearly 150 high-quality products are available – most of them are customizable with your specific design, colour, and logo. Moreover, when you compare our products to your current petroleum-based brand, there is little or no price differential.

Who are our clients

We work with food businesses from the deli and independent food retailers through for multi-national enterprises.

Our Clients