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Our company, Sydney Bio Packaging, specialises in Eco-friendly food packaging products. These products are manufactured from renewable resources and are Bio-degradable.

Sydney Bio Packaging, as a company, is always willing to support the community or individuals who are concerned about how we are impacting the environment through poor selection of non-recyclable materials. We like to Keep the public aware of the impacts that our daily lives have on our environment and help by providing more environmentally friendly solutions is one of our core values in our business.

Sydney Bio Packaging was approached by Thornleigh West Public School. The leadership group at the school were organising Mother’s Day celebrations and requested our support to provide the school with our bio-degradable products.



In previous years, our school has hosted an annual Father’s Day Breakfast and have done nothing for the Mothers.  This year we challenged our P&C and presented a proposal for a Mother’s Day Breakfast.

Our school is situated in a very leafy suburb and supports and promotes an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.  Tuesdays are “PLASTIC FREE” days J

The reason for my email to Sydney Bio Packaging is to see if there are any opportunities for a very kind donation of bio cutlery with napkins packaged and or/plates?

We have been supplied plastic ones from one of the local cafes but we really do want to push and promote our green message to the children of our future. “


Sydney Bio Packaging, following true to its core values, provided the support to the school. This partnership between the two organisations raised the awareness and educated the students about the value of using environmentally friendly products which are made from a renewable resource which has a minimal impact on the environment. The education and awareness of the students about the alternative options will lead to better decisions by them in the future when they are captains of industry and policymakers.

Sydney Bio Packaging would like to continue to support the school and to also spread the message about the alternative options that are available in bio-degradable packaging.

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