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Environmentally friendly food packaging is increasingly being promoted in the food industry, as it not only benefits the environment but the consumers as well. Sydney Bio Packaging has continued this trend and made efforts to practise a green lifestyle in our own unique manner.

Benefits to people and the environment:

The materials that make up our containers are biodegradable and therefore easily decompose in the environment with no negative impacts. Unlike plastic, which when decomposed in the environment produces harmful compounds.

The containers we produce are made from natural fibres, such as Sugarcane and bamboo, which are renewable unlike the materials that make up plastic containers. They are made from petroleum-based compounds; such resources are fast depleting.

With our containers you can be assured no toxic chemicals will be used in the process of manufacturing them, and therefore are 100% people-friendly. Chemicals such as Bisphenol that have been linked to breast and prostate cancer, are the type of toxic materials that can be found in plastic containers.

Benefits to business:

By utilising bio-degradable materials now our company will be one step ahead of the change that is fast approaching all businesses. This is because we are anticipating that in the near future the ban in using plastic bag in various states, which has therefore led to the idea of also imposing bans upon using plastic containers.

Building a good relationship and reputation with our possible customers is of great importance to our business. We believe this can be achieved through becomes an eco-friendly company, a lifestyle that is rapidly growing and becoming more and more accepted in today’s society.

In the long-term the use of bio-degradable materials will be far more cost-effective as opposed to the use of plastic. This can be assumed when looking at the amount of money spent on the disposal of plastic waster, which in turn is money that could be spent on other resources.

Types of Eco Friendly Containers

Our eco-friendly containers are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable which come in various forms, colours and sizes. Ranging from trays, bowls, plates, takeaway containers and more, with natural or earthy colours that will make your companies containers stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the use of plant fibres for our containers does not lessen the durability of them, as they are just as resistant and are safe to be used in ovens and freezers.

So if you are looking for the best choice for your food containers, our eco-friendly containers will provide you with a durable, unique and environmental friendly option.

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